e-Course: Books of Conscience
12/24/2016 - 05/01/2019


  • $20.00


Online e-Workshop


Welcome to the online educator workshop "Books of Conscience". Learning occurs when interest and the need-to-know intertwine. This course combines comprehensive information on human rights, the spiral of injustice, and the ACTs that encourage becoming an upstander.

Course objectives: • identify the thirty articles of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how they evolved • analyze the spiral of injustice • define the terms empathy, bystander and upstander • evaluate the role of an upstander in interrupting the devolution of injustice • focus on the ACTs (Ask, Choose, Teach) that each individual can take to confront biased language and prejudiced behavior • read selected “Book of Conscience” • recognize the value of books in empathizing with others, combating injustice and promoting social activism • identify specific examples relating to each level of the spiral of injustice and to bring to life human rights

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OPTIONAL: Register for one professional development credit from Boise State University at https://acecreek.boisestate.edu/wconnect/CourseStatus.awp?&course=KE193TE4637 for $60
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